7 hours of wedding cinematography

1 cinematographer

drone capabilities

mic audio

60 second trailer

wedding highlights film

•Trailer - Like a Hollywood movie preview, we create a teaser, or trailer, of your wedding video. Running time is about 60 seconds in length and it is released online before your wedding highlight film is delivered. 

•Highlights Film - is a film that condenses all the events of the day into an easy to watch, cinematic film. This includes the ‘highlights’ of the day, such as prep, ceremony, portraits, and reception events, but do not show them in their entirety. We utilize music along with any voice overs to tell the story of your wedding day and make an emotional and compelling film. The length of these films range from 2 minutes to 4 minutes.


Additional hours of wedding cinematography

Feature Film - similar in style to our Trailers, but they are a longer, more extensively detailed film of your day set to a score of hand picked music and overseen by the utmost cinematographer and editor. Feature Films go beyond the highlights and include mass amounts of audio from the ceremony, reception and supporting details. The average length of a feature film will require some popcorn, as they typically range beyond 30+ minutes.

22 inch LED Photo booth