How To: Milk Bath Photography

May 13, 2017

Interested in tackling your first milk bath session? Keep reading below!


The new craze in the photography world are Milk Bath sessions. Some may say, what IS a milk bath, exactly? And it's really...just that. I did my research, as I always do, via Google, You Tube, several photography blogs, the whole nine yards. A lot of people suggested powdered milk, powdered cream, and some other crazy non-essential items. I've decided to simple it down for the  every day photographer.



  • A tub

  • 1 gallon whole milk (1 gallon per client)

  • Real flowers


Very, very simple Prepping consists of:


1. Cut your fresh flowers. I purchased mine at Wal Mart for ranging from $5-$10 per client.



2. Run the bath to desired height and pour in your gallon of milk. For clients with infants/toddlers, I filled to the half way mark. For individual portrait sessions, I filled it almost to the top.



3. Work your magic



and voila!  You're ready to shoot your first milk bath session. It literally is that easy. I found the perfect suite, and made it my bitch. 



















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